Monday, November 4, 2013

manic monday :: starting the week off right

today i woke up knowing i had to exercise very first thing...not my favorite.  my husband, daughter and i were taking a trip to town and so it was up early for this night owl. 
my husband eats at this hole in the wall diner when he is working. he loves this place and wanted us to try it out. if there is something i have learned when it comes to dining establishments. it is that you cannot judge them by their cover. it was delicious. the waitress was also our cook and she did an excellent job.

 i love this drive. alaska is beautiful and there is so much of it that you see for the first time even if you drive the same road all the time.
my thoughts today were with my father. two months ago today my mother passed away. my thoughts lead back to my dad so much lately. i am so grateful for him and for my mom and all the love they have given all of us. i just hope that i can give back what they have given me.

i already posted a picture of this guy but i needed one that guy.

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