About Me

I am a 40 something mother of three, married to a LEO, and lives in Alaska with three dogs.  I have three grandchildren that are the greatest individuals God has ever created.

I believe in God.  I believe that spirituality is different than being religious.  I believe in being kind and not judging others. I have strong feelings about things but I do not believe everyone should have my view points.  I am not perfect.  I am flawed.  I believe that is why I am here.

I named my home the traveling palace years ago because we pick up and move with my husbands job every few years. I felt it was a perfect name for my blog because it defined my life. Wherever I go, my space is a palace, it has to be. I cannot be happy when my surroundings are not positive and beautiful.

I blog because there is so much in the world that excites me or leaves me inspired and I have to share.  I love to travel and share all my photos. I love to cook and share the recipe.  I am obsessed with art journals and photography.  Alaska is one of my happy places.  I love it here and I do feel everyone should visit here one day.  I love to organize and decorate.  My family, all of them, feel my heart with joy.  Good music, books and movies can transport me in ways I cannot describe and I like to try here on my little blog.

Feel free to email me.

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