Friday, January 9, 2015

Art Journaling 365

Last year was the first time I completely finished a 365 photo project.  I am continuing that project this year but I wanted to do something with the art journaling as well.  I did 52 weeks of art journaling last year with the Documented Life Project.  I loved it and it inspired me to want a little more.

This year I am doing a 365 art journal project a long with a 365 of quotes or words. 

One of the days was the Just Be post.  

Accomplishment  ::: I finished the project for nine whole days.  Yay!

Trial :::  I did not put a lot into my pages.  I felt like I was just making sure I finished. 

What to improve on ::: Doing different types of art with more color and learn new skills each day.  Put a little more time and detail into the pages.


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