Monday, February 2, 2015

Dream Catcher

As part of the Lifebook 2015 class Rachel Rice taught us how to do dream catchers.  She used an actual doily but I did not have one.  I used a paper doily.  
 She suggested using chalk pen for the white and I loved it.  It writes on just about anything. 
 The feathers are scrapbook paper and book pages.  I embellished them with pens and markers.
 She placed her power words on the feathers but I added mine here.
 I had to play with this a little to get the doily to stand out.
I had so much fun that I want to make more of these.  And I have to admit I was not initially excited about making these because it was out of my comfort zone a little.  I tend to do cutesy art but I loved this so much.  I need to remember how great it is to step outside the box.


  1. It is great!!! I love the colors and the doily!

    1. Thank you. If I were to do this over I might add contrasting colors in the and learn.


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