Monday, February 25, 2013

cheesecake parfaits

when my daughter comes to visit i buy strawberries and vanilla bean cream cheese dip.  it is her favorite. she was about to leave and i had a large container only half way used.  i love dessert and if i can make something quick and easy i love it even more.  

cheesecake parfaits

4 canning jars
vanilla bean cream cheese dip

layer one: diced strawberries
layer two: two teaspoons of *cream cheese dip
layer three: **blueberries and raspberries
layer four:  right before i am ready to serve them i top it off with whipped cream

*i started buying individual servings of the dip at walmart and then tossing them in the freezer. when i am going to make this i will pull one out and it is the perfect size for two parfaits.

**we always have freeze dried fruit on hand and i reconstituted with a little apple juice.

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