Tuesday, March 26, 2013

march card club

card making can be done with basic supplies.  i have a lot of supplies after years of scrapbooking and then and dumped scrapbooking and picked up card making and kept the supplies.
all you need is....
8.5 X 11 cardstock
multi color cardstock
paper cutter
stamps or stickers
washi tape and/or ribbon
glue dots, glue and/or tape
pens or markers
stamp and/or stamp pads--optional

i cut the 8.5 X 11 paper in half and fold it over to make the base card.
cut scrap pieces of paper in squares and strips.
i did not have a lot of spring colors of cardstock and so i took white and blotted it on a stamp pad.
 its not perfect but not to bad in a pinch.
this month i did not use a concrete theme.  i like to have a stash of blank cards so that i can use them for all occasions.

i have a card file that i place the finished product in.  it makes it so easy to grab a card and get it in the mail quickly. i buy envelopes at wal-mart or michaels and throw them in the file.

if you do not want to make cards this month there are so many adorable, fun, sweet cards to purchase.  a card file too.

card club explanation:
every month i chose a theme and make cards for my file that match that theme.  sometimes i cheat and just buy cards that match the theme.  i absolutely hate trying to make a card last minute and to be honest most of the time it does not happen and i miss my moment.  sending a card and receiving snail mail is so much fun and i for one do not want it to die off.

card club theme schedule:
january--winter, get well
february--love, valentines
march--spring, hello, blank
april--mother's day, female themed birthday, baby,
may--wedding, congrats, happy anniversary
june--summer, fathers day, male themed birthday,
july--kid birthday, thinking of you, blank
august--missing you, blank
september--fall themed, teacher
october--congrats, blank
november--thank you, christmas
december--happy new year, blank


  1. This is such an adorable idea. I should really set aside one day each month to do the same! You should start a monthly link up where people can share :) Found you from ABFOL! http://www.mycraftingattic.com

    1. that sounds like a great idea. i will have to research how to do that.


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