Sunday, July 21, 2013

my day in four pics--week one

 Sunday:  Took the dogs out for an adventure, green drinking it, vacuuming, and bike ride on the loop.
 Monday:  Most of Monday was spent helping the ASTAR relay by being a pilot car for bikers. 
Tuesday:  Walked around Glitter Gulch, found a furry thong, ate a veggie sub, took Summit on a run.

Wednesday: Post office run, cleaned the kitchen (this weeks zone), actually was toe to toe with my husband....he has gotten called out every night, started a Candy Chang project on my chalkboard.

 Thursday: Kind of a relaxing day.  Naps, eating with my daughter, shower, and a drive.

Friday:  Bike ride, trip to Glitter Gulch, said goodbye to Sonya and the girls, harvested some spinach....I love doing that.

Saturday:   Cute new earrings, hanging with my kids, Hibachi, bad hair day.

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