Friday, January 16, 2015

Let's Explore ::: plants

This week I decided to explore my bamboo plant.  I love this plant and haven't really taken any pictures of it so it was the perfect subject for me this week.  I started by shooting the pot it came in.  I liked it enough to leave the bamboo in the original pot.  You can see my chalkboard underneath.  Nice little backdrop here.
I then backed up and shot the whole plant from every angle in the room and light settings and decided I liked this one the best. 
I photographed the stalks.....
I placed the plant on the floor and pictured it from above with my feet.....
and finally one without.

I love these projects.  It gives me a chance to explore my camera and my subject.  Some of the shots actually came out interesting. 

Camera:  Canon 5d Mark III
Lens: Canon 50mm 1.2L
Editing software:  Photoshop (contrast and poured solid colors and played with opacity)

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