Sunday, February 17, 2013

new path for 2013

welcome 2013!

i accidentally deleted my blog, simply blogged, don't ask how i did that because i am not really sure.  after the initial shock i immediately started to figure out how to recover it.  then i decided things happen for a reason.  i started to think about other blogging possibilities and thought about my strengths, we all have them, and decided to tap into that.  i am good at organizing. i love photography. i thought i could combine the two and start a blog.

we move every three years or so and each time i have to refocus my home and priorities to match the new lifestyle we will be living in each new place.  organization is a huge part of that. i would like to focus on that more. i always have referred to my home as the traveling palace. it sounded like the perfect title for the blog.

then i came up with a top ten list for this year and for my blog.

1. focus word -- enjoy

2. photography -- start taking pictures again. after working for more than two years i have decided to stay home. the kids are all over the state and it is so nice to just be able to jet off if i need to. also i am really excited to really focus on my favorite hobby, photography.

3. family fun, travel and the great outdoors-- this year i would like to see more of the state. i love traveling outside but this year i really would like to see the inside passage and a few other places here locally.

4. home -- i would like to focus on keeping my home organized and efficient this year. since i am not working this year i would also like to work on a budget that will be pleasing to my bank account.

5. inspiration -- to achieve my goals this year i really need to also focus on all things inspiring. i really do not want to wander aimlessly...that will be a challenge for me.

6. mind, body, soul -- healthy eating, exercise, and a healthy mind....that is a load in itself but we will see how far i get with that. i am hopeful.

7. technology -- since my son is at college he really hates when i call him asking him tedious tech questions. he feels that now he has left the nest that i need to grow up and figure it out.  another load.

8. shopping -- with the "budget" issue coming into play i really need to figure out my gift giving and my everyday shopping as well.

9. home decor -- i would like to focus on a clean design of my home decor.  i am really excited about this one....i love decorating.

10. organize -- i really would like to get it together this year.  with the move, new home, new area....I just want to take the time to organize my home, life, everything!

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