Friday, March 29, 2013

weekend read--apartment therapy

apartment therapy by maxwell gillingham-ryan has been out since 2006 but it is still my favorite go to book after i move into a new apartment. we move so often you would think i would be able to write my own book about it but why would i when someone has done it for me.

the book is broken down into two parts.  one: the home is a living place and two: the cure.  he includes tips on budget, organization, cleaning and decorating.  

i have a copy on the book shelf and one copy in my iPad.  

if you.....
1. rent or own a small space
2. if you have a big place but want to be more organized
3. are not sure about your budget
4. want to make changes but do not know where to start
then this book is worth a look for you.     

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