Monday, July 29, 2013

card club catch up

So, I am a little behind so I improvised.  I love shopping for cards and so I bought some, made some, modified some.  It was fun and it feels so good to have a card file full of cards ready to go.
April was baby, Mother's Day, and female themed.  I ordered a set off of Etsy and bought the other two sets in the dollar bin and Michaels.
Michaels also had these pre-made card bases that you just embellish how ever you want so I grabbed these and they really made the process simple and quick.
 I printed off some word strips that went with May's theme and attached them to the cards. 
 I also added some washi tape and stickers to complete the look.
July's theme was kid themed, thinking of you, or blank.  I purchased these in the dollar bin at Michaels.  It was big score for me.  I also grabbed extra cards for gift giving.  I love receiving stationary and office supplies.

I did skip June because I already had so many male themed cards.  I will do better next month.....oops I am vacationing next month so I will do better in September. 

March's card club

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